One of the LARGEST practice areas in the STATE *Range is MATS ONLY for the rest of the season*

Hours of Operation

The practice range opens 30 minutes prior to our first tee time of the day and closes 30 minutes before dusk.

Weekly Maintenance

Maintenance is scheduled to mow the range each Tuesday and Friday morning. The range will close approximately one hour early on Monday and Thursday evenings and open one hour later on the following morning. Staff normally tries to open the range by 7:45 am after the mowing activities have been completed.

Individual Bucket Rates

Small $5.00 (aprox. 35 golf balls)

Large $10.00 (aprox. 70 golf balls)

Debit Key Rates

$50 Debit Key ($60 value)

$89 Debit Key ($120)

$169 Debit Key ($240)